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Eccellenza tecnica é High-Tech



    Quality Systems & Equipment


   * Systems approved by SGS to ISO 9001:2015

   * API 6A Accredited - License Number

   * NDE Level II technicians (with Level III support)

      offering  DPI/MPI

   * PMI using Niton XLt X-ray tube alloy analysing  


   * Gaugemaster thread measuring system including

      Mic Trac setting master

   * 2 Faro Gages

   * 3 co-ordinate measuring machines

   * Trimos height gauges with Win-wedge software

   * Specialised equipment for measuring hardness,  

      internal and external surface finishes, coating

      thickness, flatness and profiles


     SGS ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

      Quality Assurance


   * Documentation compiled and stored on LWD's

      bespoke computer software.

   * Full certification packages transmitted electronically

      to customers around the world.


      Members of CNA



• Fresatrice Rambaudi M53/P corsa 900x300x400

• Tornio parallelo CMT mod. URSUS 250 corsa 1000x450

• Tornio cnc Samsung PL20A corsa 550x250

• Tornio Graziano DMG mod CTX 310 4xassi cnc- -

  Siemens840D corsa 213x450x40

• Centro di lavoro EUMACH mod. AHSM 800 con cambio  

  pallet corsa 1000x510x600

• Fresatrice DMG 5 assi mod. DMF 250 Linear corsa


• Fresatrice DMG 5 assi mod.DMU 50ecoline


• Fresatrice DMG 5 assi mod.DMU 60T Speed


• Fresatrice DMG 5 assi mod.DMU 80 MONOBLOCK


• Fresatrice DMG verticale mod.Dmc 63V corsa 600x500x500

• Segatrice a nastro

• Affilatrice Mevica mod. OM400

• EDM Charmilles mod. Roboform 54

• Rettificatrice Favretto mod. TC 100


Sala Collaudo

• Macchina di misura tridimensionale Brown&Sharpe DEA

• Altimetro Brown&Sharpe Tesa



I nostri macchinari:

dmf250Linear dmu60pduoblock_uebersicht ISO9001